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Naruto sick of the abuse snaps and gains godly powers...and exacts his revenge on everyone
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Chapter 4

Ino confronts Naruto during class

' I am going to get to the bottom of this. And I will by asking Naruto-baka' Ino thought as she continued to comfort Sakura.

____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

Naruto walked in and, after ignoring all of the stares he was getting from the other students, sat down in at a table in the back. He lied his head on it and stared at the chalkboard at the bottom. He decided to go to sleep since he already knew how the teams would be formed.

Right as he almost dozed off he heard a 'Naruto-baka!'. He moaned to himself and looked up seeing Ino. " What?" he asked.

" What did you do to Sakura and what kind of past did you have with her!" she barked at as an order. " Go ask Haruno I want to go to sleep," he said as he laid his head on the table. Ino was shocked. Whenever she ordered him to do something before he always did it, but now he just flat out refuses. She couldn't take it. " Tell me now or else I'll beat you into a pulp like I always do when you annoy me!!!" she yelled.

She was staring at him one second and seething in pain another. She was now stuck in the wall with blood going down her stomach and back. She saw that Naruto was glaring at her now so she guessed he was the one who did this, but she didn't even see him move. She pulled herself out and went to a seat choosing not to bother Naruto right now. After a few minutes all of the students who passed finally arrived so Iruka started to call off teams.

When he got to Team 7, he called off," Team 7 will consist of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki, now next," Sakura sat there shocked before thinking 'Yes I can finally apologize to Naruto and hopefully we can be friends again.'

After finishing Iruka left and let the teams wait for their senseis. The rest of the teams left with their senseis and Naruto finally woke up, but he started to meditate so he could keep everything outside away. After a few hours their sensei finally appeared. The sensei who appeared was...
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