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Plugger: Dean Jolly
The Plug: All feedback, constructive criticism, opinions, reviews etc. welcome. :)

Pluggee: Discordia Concors     (13+)
Genre(s): Music :: Philosophy :: Other
Description: A reflection on Music, Love, Loss and Memories

Plugger: typingrhyme
The Plug: One idea on how to save your health and environment at the same time

Pluggee: MOWING GREEN     (E)
Genre(s): Environment :: Home/Garden :: Experience
Description: Saving the planet and your health too.

Plugger: Sorji
The Plug: This is my entry for the paid member contest, "What a Character." I am hoping to get a few rates and reviews in before the end of the month, when it's due, so that I can try to make some improvements. It is also worth a few gps. Thanks!

Pluggee: Happy Death Day     (18+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Other :: Other
Description: A death row inmate meets the end of his sentence. For "What a Character" 05/2019

Plugger: anxious geek - weird poet
The Plug: I've been writing poetry for twenty years and learnt some stuff. Seemed appropriate for my birthday month.

Pluggee: Seven Things I've Learnt Writing Poetry     (ASR)
Genre(s): Experience :: How-To/Advice :: Other
Description: I've been writing poetry for twenty years, here are some of what I've learnt.

Plugger: words
The Plug: Certain elements in this story are based on fact. I have just re-written parts of it, and would be grateful for any comments.

Pluggee: Rocking-Horse Paint     (ASR)
Genre(s): Experience :: Other :: Other
Description: A game turns serious

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: Please tell me what I can do to make this story better. It's for the What A Character contest so ideas on how to strengthen the protagonist's character would be especially welcome. Thank you! :)

Short Story
Pluggee: The Emigrant     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Relationship :: Family
Description: Mark only has twenty-four hours to put his affairs in order - written for What A Character

Plugger: Hannah ♫♥♫
The Plug: I am hosting this poll for one of our students, and he'd love for all of you to cast a vote:

User Poll
Pluggee: Words and Thoughts     (E)
Genre(s): Writing :: Psychology :: Other
Description: Poll. Which are primary for you?

Plugger: Ellie
The Plug: My first piece on this site - a short story I wrote rather recently, set through the eyes of a young blind girl. Would love any feedback, thank you so much!

Short Story
Pluggee: The Blind Girl in the Tower     (13+)
Genre(s): Other :: Dark :: Action/Adventure
Description: A young girl, alone and afraid, must escape a terrifying situation.

Plugger: Little Running Stiky
The Plug: For some reason I felt compelled to tweak this poem. Figured I'd share it with you lot, in that case.

Pluggee: Party On     (13+)
Genre(s): Opinion :: Philosophy
Description: Solemnity is the name of the game when observing the depths of absurdity

Plugger: Kathy
The Plug: I plan on lengthening this 300 word flash fiction to 1000 words. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Short Story
Pluggee: I'm In Trouble     (ASR)
Genre(s): Medical :: Women's :: Other
Description: A female physician helps a teen aged girl while on a medical mission

Plugger: Kathy
The Plug: I plan on lengthening this 300 word flash fiction to 1000 words. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Short Story
Pluggee: The Child Bride     (13+)
Genre(s): Women's :: Family :: Foreign
Description: A Syrian refugee is forced into marriage

Plugger: Kathy
The Plug: I plan on lengthening this 300 word flash fiction to 1000 words. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Short Story
Pluggee: My Name Is Salma     (13+)
Genre(s): Foreign :: Women's :: Women's
Description: A Middle Eastern girl must dress as a boy in order to attend school

Plugger: ForeverDreamer
The Plug: Sometimes a phobia is a good thing.

Short Story
Pluggee: Ailurophobia     (13+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Folklore :: Supernatural
Description: Sometimes phobias are a good thing.

Plugger: TJ
The Plug: An angry little ditty, based (unfortunately) on a true story.

Pluggee: PINKY TOE FROM HELL     (18+)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Biographical :: Contest Entry
Description: First Place Winner - CJ's Twisted Traditional Poetry Contest! (Round 3)

Plugger: TJ
The Plug: Jest a silly little rhymin' pome

Pluggee: A HAIRY HORSE RIDE     (E)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Nonsense :: Animal
Description: Newbies+ Open Poetry Contest WINNER!

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: This interactive is one of my favorites. I’m looking for new writers to add to it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would add a few chapters.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Meet the Fast and Furious     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Crime/Gangster :: Thriller/Suspense
Description: You wander into the world of street racing. What adventures await you?

Plugger: Nick Knight
The Plug: Looking for new writers to add to this interactive. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would add to it.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Furries from Space     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Animal :: Adult
Description: You’re abducted by furries from another planet. What adventures await you?

Plugger: Octavius
The Plug: My first novel. Its action packed and well paced. If you're into grand epic adventures you may like this.

Pluggee: The Verse of Estoria     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Fantasy :: Sci-fi
Description: A story about a young man and his journey to an ancient city.

Plugger: Octavius
The Plug: I wrote this story to take a break from the main novel which was in its second Draft. So if you enjoy, become a fan I will be uploading more in the coming weeks.

Pluggee: Blood Souls and Sacrifice     (18+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Other :: Supernatural
Description: A story about Dracula and his seven daughters.

Plugger: Dean Jolly
The Plug: All feedback and constructive criticism welcome!

Pluggee: The Significance of Small Happenings     (13+)
Genre(s): Philosophy :: Other
Description: What is Fate?

Plugger: Patrick McDonagh
The Plug: Looking for over all feedback on this poem. Whether it strikes an emotional chord, a spiritual cord or pretty much any other kind of cord :)

Pluggee: Nightmares And Dreams     (E)
Genre(s): Spiritual :: Inspirational :: Religious
Description: At times the world can seem like a dark prison cell, then the light breaks in!

Plugger: Sum1
The Plug: Not necessarily looking for reviews of this. Just looking for a few more eyes seeing it.

Pluggee: Smile! (Groan?) You Know You Love These!     (E)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Educational :: Nonsense
Description: Want to smile at least once a day? Then read these! Okay, maybe you'll groan some too...

Plugger: BlizzardBlitzer
The Plug: A piece depicting the winding down of an old and haggard character, as he reaches the end of his purpose and realizes he must face his last remaining enemy. Was received well elsewhere. Looking for more input.

Pluggee: Fading Grey     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Sci-fi
Description: A story nearing the end of the Grey Guardian, a running series of mine.

Plugger: trailerpark bodhisattva
The Plug: For ShortShots contest- I think I screwed up the submission, so don't think they received it. The image inspired me to write a fairy tale! Since I'd never even thought about attempting to write a fairy tale, I'm curious to hear what y'all think...

Pluggee: The Girl, The God, And The Island     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Folklore :: Mythology
Description: A fairy tale...

Plugger: CHarris
The Plug: I have not been around much. But I wrote this today.

Pluggee: Lost Colors     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Personal :: Romance/Love
Description: Don't know how to describe it. It just is.

Plugger: Robert Edward Baker
The Plug: I've just written a short sci-fi story and would love to get some general feedback and hopefully some tips on what I can do to make it better. Thank you! <3

Short Story
Pluggee: Jack's Solution     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Crime/Gangster :: Dark
Description: Jack seeks to use science to ease suffering - Journey Through Genres

Plugger: ShadowBlade
The Plug: Add to a group of stories about mechanical weapons that fight each other! Join the Revolution in City of Cancer, fight for freedom in Iron War, save the world from the Hadean Empire in Electric Soldier Enzarger, and more!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Mecha Interactive     (13+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Children's
Description: In a world of iron giants, what will you choose to do? Fully original mecha stories!

Plugger: Sorji
The Plug: This is my entry for the "Journey Through the Genres" contest. Scifi is not my strong suit, so I am looking for any and all input in hopes of polishing this story and for use in future scifi endeavors. Loosely based on a 40k fanfic I wrote in high school.

Pluggee: Lost Faction     (13+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Technology :: Other
Description: short story about a group of survivors on a desolate planet doing what it takes to survive

Plugger: Leif the Lucky
The Plug: Fans of Game of Thrones, Outlander, or Deadwood will like this one. Feedback much appreciated!

Pluggee: Crescent City - Pilot: "Twelfth Night"     (18+)
Genre(s): Drama :: History :: Action/Adventure
Description: New Orleans, 1811. Intrigue, romance, and colorful characters. An HBO-style teleplay.

Plugger: Vivyana
The Plug: Looking for readers who will stick with me and this story for a longer time. Also looking for feedback and general criticism.

Pluggee: Tales of Varintha     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Romance/Love
Description: An epic fantasy tale of war, political schemes and dark intrigues, set in Varintha.

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Written in honor of Autism Awareness Month

Pluggee: I Am Perfectly Me     (E)
Genre(s): Other
Description: Written in honor of Autism Awareness Month

Plugger: Supersonic-Bramble Scramble!
The Plug: Looking for some feedback for this chapter! Thank you!

Pluggee: Eternity Dawn Chapter I     (13+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Action/Adventure :: Dark
Description: Two Princesses are hunted by a hunter who can control ice.

Plugger: FrankHayes
The Plug: A Short Poem

Pluggee: The Willow Tree     (E)
Genre(s): Nature :: Other :: Other
Description: A Short Poem

Plugger: Diane
The Plug: All, I've been working on short short stories to submit for publications. This one stems from an exercise in a class called "Into the Size: Short Form Writing." I'd be grateful for constructive feedback.

Short Story
Pluggee: Modern Love     (18+)
Genre(s): Technology :: Writing :: Contest Entry
Description: Freelancer finds the perfect collaborator

Plugger: T.L.Finch
The Plug: Some new couplets.

Pluggee: Embers     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Other :: Other
Description: A life journey

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Written For Aurism Awareness Month.

Pluggee: To Make The Puzzle Whole     (E)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: Written for Autism Awareness Month

Plugger: Red Fork
The Plug: This is the first story I've ever submitted to the site, and I'm really interested in receiving feedback. What did I do right? What did I do wrong? How can I improve? Constructive and honest reviews would be very well-appreciated.

Short Story
Pluggee: Snow in the Summer     (ASR)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Comedy :: Entertainment
Description: Alex and his friends are at the beach, but the fun is interrupted when it starts snowing.

Plugger: TJ
The Plug: A snail and some buddies learn a hard lesson about "pyroflatulence"!

Pluggee: BARTHOLOMEW THE SNAIL     (13+)
Genre(s): Comedy :: Tragedy :: Contest
Description: A snail and some buddies learn a hard lesson about "pyroflatulence"! 1st. PLACE WINNER!

Plugger: Sorji
The Plug: I wrote this short poem for a geology and geography class. It is a concrete poem with no rhyme scheme to speak of. Though it does deal in minerals, you don't have to know much about geology to enjoy it; though, I think you glean more from it if you do.

Pluggee: Lucky Gems     (E)
Genre(s): Environment :: Nature :: Personal
Description: A poem that I wrote for a geology class about how rubies and sapphires are the same inside

Plugger: Cristina Rosewood
The Plug: Calvin and Cole are best friends and are about to graduate from their university. Things are going well, except one thing that Calvin has been struggling with. He's in love with his best friend.

Pluggee: My Best Friend Crush     (13+)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Drama :: Gay/Lesbian
Description: Calvin Prince has a secret. He's in love with his best friend.

Plugger: PastorJuan
The Plug: What does it mean to be a servant to God?

Pluggee: S E R V A N T H O O D     (E)
Genre(s): Educational :: Religious :: Relationship
Description: What does it mean to serve others?

Plugger: ElectricPineappleArt
The Plug: A non-fiction biographical writing about a relationship that was every kind of wrong. Sometimes the outside things say everything that isn't said on the inside.

Pluggee: Satellite     (18+)
Genre(s): Experience :: Philosophy :: Biographical
Description: A piece of biographical prose about distance

Plugger: Jolan T. Hildebrandt
The Plug: Allright people I think I have hit on a bit of greatness here, take a n gander and help me make this piece shine

Pluggee: Chapter 1 Revenge     (13+)
Genre(s): Melodrama :: Action/Adventure :: Other
Description: bring on the reviews

Plugger: BIG BAD WOLF turns 30 6/3
The Plug: We've all heard the rumors about Area 51 - Top Secret Aircraft testing, Alien Autopsies, and much more. However, the truth is stranger than that - and these guys keep that secret, Extremely Top Secret! Enter at your own risk. Oh! Too late!

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Monster City Police Force     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Action/Adventure :: Crime/Gangster
Description: If you think you know Area 51, you know nothing. The Police make sure of that. 820+ Views

Plugger: BIG BAD WOLF turns 30 6/3
The Plug: Some time after their homeworld was destroyed, a group of alien werewolves has ended up on Earth. Will they be Man's Best Friend, or will they turn Humanity into a Chew Toy?

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Werewolf Invasion     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Drama
Description: Werewolves have invaded the Earth! Will they be Man's Best Friend or Worst Foe?

Plugger: BIG BAD WOLF turns 30 6/3
The Plug: On a parallel world, humans have an interesting relationship with a race of humanoid Reptilians.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: The Reptilian Chronicles     (18+)
Genre(s): Action/Adventure :: Sci-fi :: Fantasy
Description: Humanity has an interesting relationship with another race.

Plugger: MatildaRose
The Plug: A poem I wrote about the struggles of dementia.

Pluggee: My dear.     (E)
Genre(s): Tragedy :: Family :: Romance/Love
Description: A poem based on an elderly couple, and the stuggles dimensia can cause.

Plugger: § Roseille ♥
The Plug: Freshly revamped this and added several sections! I hope it can be a helpful resource to community members who want to review but, for whatever reason, are finding it hard to get started.

Pluggee: On Giving Reviews     (E)
Genre(s): How-To/Advice :: Community :: Writing.Com
Description: Are you speechless when you stare at that little reviewing box? Here are some tips.

Plugger: normajean
The Plug: I wasn't able to submit this to the contest in time. What do you think? Reviews welcome.

Pluggee: An Evil Attack     (E)
Genre(s): Contest Entry
Description: Can they win and live to fight another day?

Plugger: nivekstar
The Plug: add if you want

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Weight Gaining Female Thundercats     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Entertainment :: Fantasy
Description: WIllingly or Not the Thundercat Females Become Chubby Immobile Versions of Themselves

Plugger: nivekstar
The Plug: add if you want

Interactive Story
Pluggee: White Knight Chronicles Female W.G.     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: The Females of the World of WKC Start to gain weight willingly or not

Plugger: nivekstar
The Plug: add if you want

Interactive Story
Pluggee: Voltron Female Weight Gain     (18+)
Genre(s): Fanfiction :: Fantasy :: Other
Description: 5 possible females from the Voltron universe will either willingly or not gain weight

Plugger: AME
The Plug: An attempt at poetry. Comments and suggestions would be appreciated since I'm fairly new at writing poetry.

Pluggee: Boxes     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Teen :: Other
Description: What are they for?

Plugger: Adrienne
The Plug: Listen with your heart. It hears more than you know.

Pluggee: Listen With Your Heart     (E)
Genre(s): Other :: Other :: Other
Description: Listen with your heart. It hears more than you know.

Plugger: Sumojo
The Plug: Would love an opinion on this please

Short Story
Pluggee: Gigi     (13+)
Genre(s): Contest Entry :: Emotional :: Drama
Description: Short story of the plight of the street kids of Thailand

Plugger: Sumojo
The Plug: This is a new edit of this story

Pluggee: Phineas     (E)
Genre(s): Drama :: Emotional :: Mystery
Description: Short fictional story. But could there be a grain of truth?

Plugger: Sumojo
The Plug: This is ‘Show don’t tell’ ‘contest entry.

Pluggee: Daddy’s home     (E)
Genre(s): Contest :: Family :: Drama
Description: Short story of domestic disharmony

Plugger: Samuel Orona
The Plug: Criminals from the year 5150 are shrunk to ant size and brought back to the year 2020 and conquered by a 13-year-old Junior Olympic athlete named Drusilla. This is great for people into giantess and shrinking! Warning: very violent.

Short Story
Pluggee: Rampage of the Renegade Junior Olympian!     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Fantasy :: Teen
Description: A teenage girl finds a miniature city with shrunken people

Plugger: Laurie Razor
The Plug: This is the Ibis Tree. A living genre anthology, a place to plug your portfolio by demonstrating talented works of genre flash fiction. Soon to also be a place to find other talented genre authors who you may have missed. Please read & contribute.

Interactive Story
Pluggee: The Ibis Tree     (18+)
Genre(s): Horror/Scary :: Sci-fi :: Mystery
Description: A WDC Branchology Project

Plugger: Baloney Bill
The Plug: This is a perfect poem for late winter early spring when things are just starting to turn green again. It has rhyme and rhythm, and I think it is somewhat less than terrible. Maybe you will like it. Have a great day! Best wishes, Baloney Bill.

Pluggee: Tulip Border     (E)
Genre(s): Emotional :: Nature :: Environment
Description: Life's simplest, most natural gifts invigorate the most spiceless times of our lives.

Plugger: Johnny O
The Plug: We all must practice remembrance each and every day not only upon a single specific date!

Pluggee: In Every field!     (E)
Genre(s): Experience :: Emotional :: Military
Description: We must remember all that give their lives for us! Both sides!

Plugger: anxious geek - weird poet
The Plug: Something I would like to share with you all that you might identify with.

Pluggee: Writer's Block Vs Writer's Apathy     (E)
Genre(s): Writing :: Experience :: Opinion
Description: Do you suffer from Writer's Block? Or is it really Writer's Apathy?

Plugger: TroyIsWriting
The Plug: This was a wonderful piece that most writers might enjoy about the awesome mighty power they yield. A talented communicator who deserves some recognition & encouragement. Plus, today is Blizzard's one year writing.com anniversary. Go give him some love.

Pluggee: The Writing Process     (13+)
Genre(s): Writing :: Drama :: Nonsense
Description: The frustration of a defiant story.

Plugger: elizjohn
The Plug: Short & sweet. I’ll exchange a review of similar length and genre for a review. Thx!

Pluggee: love travels on     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Other :: Other
Description: I dunno. Something about a train...

Plugger: Vivyana
The Plug: The beginning of an original fantasy story. Looking for feedback and beta-readers, if possible.

Pluggee: Tales of Varintha - Chapter 1     (18+)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Other :: Other
Description: An assault on a Machorian stronghold doesn't go as planned.

Plugger: Gestalt1
The Plug: I really think this might make a good children's book.

Pluggee: Natures Alarm Clock     (E)
Genre(s): Nature :: Spiritual :: Animal
Description: This poem depicts the Sounds of Nature and the beauty of a new day.

Plugger: Ari Lox
The Plug: Poem inspired by a coffeehouse songstress

Pluggee: Claire de Lune     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Fantasy :: Arts
Description: Poem of Allure

Plugger: § Roseille ♥
The Plug: A few small poems! I'm trying to get back into the swing of this writing thing. Any thoughts on any one would be treasured.

Pluggee: Poetry Compilation | 2019     (18+)
Genre(s): Nature :: Drama :: Inspirational
Description: A collection of my poetry. Any thoughts appreciated! (NEW: 05/11)

Plugger: Onyx: a PURPLE MANIAC!
The Plug: I was literally sitting at my drawing table and then instead of drawing I had an idea and scribbled this out on the back of an envelope. Poetry isn't my strength but I'm interested to hear any and all impressions...Thanks for your Time!

Pluggee: Harvest     (E)
Genre(s): Personal :: Emotional :: Romance/Love
Description: Like Every Living Thing Love Thrives With Care

Plugger: Paul
The Plug: Hi, I would appreciate input from anyone interested in reading it. All comments are appreciated, I’m particularly interested in your emotional response. All punctuation and grammar mistakes please. I will respond in kind. Thank you Paul🐸

Short Story
Pluggee: Darla     (E)
Genre(s): Romance/Love :: Pets
Description: He loses his second love

Plugger: Seabreeze
The Plug: My poem about growing old

Pluggee: In The Winter Of My Years     (E)
Genre(s): Personal :: Activity
Description: We all see aging differently. I see time slipping away but still I can see memories.

Plugger: C.J. Winchester
The Plug: This is the revised version of a personal project of mine. Current word count is 3,374 words.

Pluggee: True Nobility     (13+)
Genre(s): Drama :: Fantasy :: History
Description: Cadence was given a second chance, and she's not going to waste it.

Plugger: anxious geek - weird poet
The Plug: New sci-fi story.

Short Story
Pluggee: Cake and Code     (18+)
Genre(s): Sci-fi :: Comedy :: Drama
Description: Elise is Margo's cute neighbour who is prone to fainting. Margo discovers why.

Plugger: S.z.kamoonpuri
The Plug: 2183456#

Pluggee: Imaginary planetary ride     (E)
Genre(s): Fantasy :: Sci-fi :: Paranormal
Description: An old poem of mine from another poetry site

Plugger: Kelly Lee
The Plug: The very first part of my romance/paranormal story... also titled "Seeing the Fey"

Pluggee: Name Game     (13+)
Genre(s): Dark :: Fantasy :: Sci-fi
Description: When one finds out she's part faerie, names are important.

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