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With so many writers in the world, your writing isn't likely to get noticed all by itself, so it is important to promote and market your written work to the world. Through the use of websites, advertising and other marketing strategies, you can increase your chances of success.

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Sell Your Book on Amazon: The Book Marketing COACH Reveals Top-Secret "How-to" Tips Guaranteed to Increase Sales for Print-on-Demand and Self-Publishing Writers: ($14.95 from Amazon.Com)
Publishing insider and CEO Brent Sampson reveals revolutionary advice guaranteed to increase your book sales on Amazon. Learn the powerful secrets used by successful Amazon authors every day. This informative and practical "how-to" guide shares new techniques that are proven to work.
Writing for Quick Cash: Turn Your Way With Words into Real Money: ($7.45 from Amazon.Com)
Anyone can call himself or herself a writer...
Cashing In On Article Writing: Internet Marketing To Go!: ($17.00 from Amazon.Com)
So you want an internet marketing technique that will: bring you tons of targeted traffic, but it's free, and you can do it in about two hours a week?
1700 Ways to Earn Free Book Publicity: Don't Pay to Market Your Writing: ($17.95 from Amazon.Com)
Use your credibility and experience to sell your books. Give three reasons why people should take you seriously and trust your credibility, commitment, and stability. Show honesty and charisma in your writing. Motivate readers by examples.
Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web: ($12.75 from Amazon.Com)
Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web is, without a doubt, the most important copywriting book to be published this year. Every online marketer and copywriter can become more successful and make more money by mastering SEO copywriting, content writing, key word research, Web 2.0, social media, viral video, and the dazzling array of new traffic-generating tools available on the Internet today. No one teaches these disciplines better, from a copywriting standpoint, than Jon Wuebben. If you are serious about online marketing and copywriting, you absolutely must read every word of this book from cover to cover. --Bob Bly, copywriter/consultant, author of The Copywriter's Handbook
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